In Gin We Trust

Hello, world. I’m Erin. I’d like to welcome you to Zymurgy & Therapy. We refer to that as Z&T, by the way, because a) it’s a hell of a lot easier than mumbling “zymurgy” all the time, and b) if you borrow from the Americans, it sounds pleasantly like G&T – and who doesn’t like that?

Z&T exists because Alex (the boyfriend) thought it would be fun for the two of us to have a venue to discuss our respective (enthusiastic) hobbies – beer for him, cocktails for me. Neither of us are experts, though he’s comparably more advanced than I – we’re fascinated amateurs. Here, we can track our experimentation, and in the process, maybe even present a diverting read for those with overlapping interests. The plan is to keep it pretty broad, bringing in everything from tasting notes to home-brew recipes to bar recommendations to…other stuff. Lots of other fun stuff.

In the meantime, take a peek at our beer cellar and liquor cabinet, and if you’ve got suggestions for additions (or for recipes with what we’ve got), hit me. But not literally. I bite.

Here goes nothing – cheers!

Toasting Z&T with a G&T. Hah.


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