Pronounced “Zahy-mur-jee”

Hey all, this is Alex, the other half of Z&T. I’ve wanted to create a blog that encapsulated my passion for beer for quite some time now. Recently seeing the same spark in Erin for cocktails, I made the decision to create a different sort of beast (albeit a potentially wild, uncontrollable one), and combine our interests in one handy package. Both of us have had personal blogs in the past, and they always seem to take a dive at a certain point. For myself, it was getting a full-time job in the cooking industry that ironically killed my passion for writing about cooking (imagine coming home after a shift, only to write about what you do…it got tiring after a while). I figure, with this sort of omni-blog, Erin and I will each be accountable for content in order to keep things fresh and interesting. I hope you enjoy what we put forth!

I am a beer geek. I’ve thought about saying “snob” instead, which I believe I started out as, but I really do make an effort nowadays to not be as critical about others’ beer choices, instead making an attempt to open others to the idea of craft beer. In my previous years, I have been known to shotgun Pilsner (proudly Albertan!), and keep beers chilled in the toilet tank. Upon the move out to Vancouver in 2005, I realized how expensive liquor could be out here, and got used to drinking beer. My first love was Sleeman’s Honey Brown, which always seemed to be perfect in the summertime, despite sometimes tasting like a skunk (watch out for clear bottles…). Soon after, I came upon a beer review in the Westender on “La Fin du Monde“, a serious Quebec beer. It was crazy, at 9% alcohol by volume…absolutely nuts. I hunted for it, and drank it straight out of the bottle. It blew my mind, and as I sat on the couch playing video games, I kept sipping, noticing the floral and citrusy notes, not to mention the fact that I was getting completely hammered. I’d find out later that this was called a “tripel”. But who cares? It was damn good! And to this day, I’ll pick it up occasionally, I think it’s one of the best beers in Canada. Shortly after meeting Erin in 2006, she had bought me a beer basket as a gift, and my interest skyrocketed.

Fast-forward to today, where I love beer just as much as any other passion, going so far as to brew my own with a friend, and attempting to work my way to becoming a beer judge on the side. I enjoy beer “ticking”, whereby you quickly rate a beer out of 5, while jotting down a few notes here and there, but have recently moved on to slightly more wordy ratings. I utilize Untappd and Ratebeer, but I plan on rating certain noteworthy beers on the website when possible. I’ll look far and wide for beers to try [ER EDIT: making me drive to Bellingham…], so all being well, there will be a good variety to read about!

Hopefully we can keep you entertained, and with the plans for this blog kicking around in my head, I look forward to the future…

Note: If you’d like to follow what I’m drinking, check out my personal Twitter feed @vancookalex.


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