It’s here…today marks the 2nd anniversary of IPA Day, originally started by social media/craft beer personalities Ashley Routson (The Beer Wench) and Ryan A. Ross to celebrate the much-loved India Pale Ale style (and its many variants)! The IPA ranks 2nd, after Imperial Stouts, in my list of favourite styles overall, but it’s pretty damn close. Living in the Pacific Northwest gives me the opportunity to sample some of the most amazing IPAs, as many brewers here seem to be obsessed with it (and rightfully so).

Tonight I’m celebrating with a Central City Imperial IPA, a 9.5% alcohol monster from one of my favourite local breweries. Its beautiful golden orange appearance, sweet grapefruit and reasonably malty aroma, and hoppy-as-hell, caramelly, slightly woody taste make this a seriously kick-ass brew. It’s deceptively smooth. It really shouldn’t be that smooth. This bottled version was a limited release just recently (Legacy still has some, last I checked), but it’s usually available at their brewpub in Surrey fresh on tap, which is brilliant. Admittedly, my bottle is aged to the point where the hops have been muted and smoothed out a bit (the result of cellaring any IPA), but it really doesn’t matter, it’s still bloody good.

It’s events like these that really help to push craft beer into the mainstream, utilizing something as simple as a hashtag to at least pique interest, but it’s really about camaraderie between beer lovers, and an excuse to try something you may not have had before (or simply go on a journey to acquire some fabled Pliny the Elder). Happy IPA Day, all!


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