Cellar Maintenance, Random Thoughts

I’ve got a few too many things bouncing around my head to write a singular topic blog post, so I thought I’d break one up into multiple, bite-sized bits.

-Got around to updating my cellar, it definitely changes a LOT, and keeping up with it is tough. I basically kept them divided into “not ageing” and “ageing”, with my website review links on the bottom, and a link to my Ratebeer ratings. Maybe if the “not ageing” category gets too large, might just get rid of it, and concentrate on having more website reviews of those beers.

-I’ve been really intrigued by Google+ as of late, and I hope more people continue to use it, as it seems to be getting more interesting as time passes. I realize at this point Facebook has such a huge leg up on it, but the main potential I see within it are the “Hangouts”. Starting a Hangout beer tasting event might be an interesting idea…there’s a max capacity of 10 people, though, so there are limitations. That being said, a 10-person beer tasting is a pretty good turnout! After it’s all said and done, it’s even possible to automatically upload the hangout to YouTube for others to watch later on if they so choose. The potential is there, I’m going to have to see what kind of interest there is in it. Here’s my personal page, and the website’s page, if you’re interested in checking them out. The service is great if you’re looking for something similar to Facebook, but more straightforward (and less Farmville spam).

-“Craft Beer” has now been officially defined by Merriam-Webster as “a speciality beer produced in limited quantities”. This has been talked about for the last little while amongst beer lovers, and the general consensus seems to be that the definition is way off. For a craft beer to be deemed as “special” is alright, I guess (though I would have chosen a better word…artisan perhaps? Made with love?), but it’s the “limited quantities” that confuses me. To what degree is a craft beer limited? If there is less of a certain beer produced than what a macrobrewery would produce of one of their beers, is that considered limited? Microbreweries can pump out quite a lot of beer, just look at the Boston Beer Company, Stone or Dogfish Head as examples. It seems as though the definition was a little rushed, if you ask me.

-I recently hit up Elizabeth Station again, the place is quickly becoming my absolute favorite place to pick up beer. The only limiting factor is that I’d usually have to pay duty (I didn’t have to this last time…nice bonus!). Or I could just, you know, go down to Bottleworks in Seattle and spend the night. If you’re in Bellingham, please check them out, I think they’re killing it…they always have some interesting beers on tap, themed nights (sour night, anyone?), a cereal bar, and a staggering variety of bottles for the space that they’ve got.

I’ll be back soon enough with a more focused post in the next couple days!

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