About Z&T

Zymurgy & Therapy is a blog about booze.

Alex (a culinary school grad) and Erin (a short-lived bartender turned marketer) run it primarily for their own amusement and exploration, but hope that it provides some fun content for like-minded folk. We’re not experts, just passionate amateurs.

If you’re here for the beer, check out our cellar here. Or, wade through tasting notes, barroom reviews, brewing notes or the whole beer shebang.

If you’re all about tales of cocktails, check out our liquor cabinet here. Then there’s recipes, spirit reviews, favored watering holes, etc etc etc…

A&E in twenty words or less, each: He’s a small-town raised gamer geek who wants to be a beer judge when he grows up. She’s a Van-city raised, mid-century admiring, bitters-collecting bookworm.

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