The current stock of the Z&T liquor cabinet (pictures coming soon!):


GIN: Tanqueray Rangpur – Victoria Gin – Boomsma Jonge Genever Gin  – Plymouth Gin

VODKA: Russian Standard – Van Gogh Espresso – Van Gogh Caramel – Absolut Watkins – [HOME INFUSED] Grapefruit Tarragon Ketel One

RUM: Kraken Spiced Rum – Newfoundlander White Rum – Lamb’s White Rum – Mount Gay Eclipse – Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum

WHISKEY: Highland Park 12 – Glenfiddich 12 – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey – Jameson’s Irish Whiskey – Fireball – Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon

TEQUILA: Cazadores Anejo

OTHER: Aquavit


Limoncello – Apricot Brandy – St. Germain – Apfelkorn – Ginger of the Indies – Canton – Bailey’s – Galliano – Pisa – Creme de Menthe – Creme de Cacao – Blue Curacao – Amaretto – Chambord – Dry Vermouth – Sweet Vermouth – Lillet Blanc – Maraschino – Jagermeister – Snap


AngosturaFee’s GrapefruitFee’s CranberryFee’s OrangeFee’s Black WalnutBittered Sling Shanghai RhubarbBittered Sling Plum & RootbeerBitter Truth Chocolate MoleBittermen’s Elamakule Bitters

Syrups & Garnishes

Simple Syrup – Falernum – Orange Blossom Water – Rose Water – Lavender Water – Pomegranate Grenadine – Agave Syrup – Torani OrgeatGiffard OrgeatGiffard Passion Fruit Syrup – [HOMEMADE] Raspberry Syrup – [HOMEMADE] Honey Syrup – [HOMEMADE] Rosemary Syrup

And of course, the fun part – my wish list:

RhubyRoot – Brovo Douglas FirBrovo LavenderCampariVictoria Oaken GinBenedictineFrangelicoNocinoCreme de VioletteClement Creole ShrubbBulldog GinBulleit BourbonCalvadosMezcalCachacaOrchid MangoPamaPeach SchnappsPeppermint SchnappsPimms #1Spicebox Whiskey

Mint BittersPeychaud’s BittersBoker’s BittersScrappy’s Lavender BittersScrappy’s Cardamom BittersBitterment’s Burlesque BittersBitter Truth Creole BittersBittered Sling Moondog (& seasonal) Bitters


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